I have a question about my reservation/booking.
Sent an e-mail with your question and as reference your reservation/bookingnumber to excurions[@] 
I am vegetarian and I see that food is included in the tour?
Do you have kids prices and what is the age limit for a child?
When I filled in the reservation/booking form, am I sure of my places?
Do I have to reserve/book in advance?
How I make a reservation/booking?


Where and what time I will be picked up at the day of the tour?
We will provide you (on the given email) with the pickup time and place minimum 24 hours before the tourdate.

More information about approximate pickuptimes can be found per tour in the timetable.


How can I pay?
You can pay through Paypal online. You can pay with Paypal without a Paypal account with the use of credit card. All payments are secure and encrypted.

Bank transfer:
Alpha Bank

On Crete:
Eye Travel Office Koutouloufari
Eye Travel Office Hersonissos
Mobile Holiday Planner

Can I pay on arrival?
Can I pay by banktransfer?
Can I pay at the day of the tour?
I am not close to one of the offices to pay!
I haven't paid my reservation min 3 days before the day of the tour.

Payments on arrival

I want to use Paypal on arrival?
We will sent you a payment request from Paypal. Make sure you ask for the payment request 5 days in advance of your tour. If you would like us to send you the payment request, send an email to excursions [@] with your bookings number
I want to pay with bank transfer on arrival?
I want to pay on arrival in one of your offices.
I want to pay at the Mobile Holiday Planner on arrival?

Mobile Holiday Planner

What are the costs of the Mobile Holiday Planner?
The mobile holiday planner will visit you free of charge in your hotel/apartment.
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