Jeepsafari Chersonissos Authentic

Jeepsafari Chersonissos to the South-coast

Jeepsafari Rethymnon to the South-coast

Explanation of our jeep safari Chersonissos (authentic)


3 jeep safari routes are described below + booking possibilities.


Jeep safari from Hersonissos + BBQ

On this jeep safari you are the whole day inside the countryside
of Crete. We will see many small villages, a lot of nature and a BBQ as lunch.

We pass some authentic mountain villages and then go off-road in the mountains

Our first stop is at an unknown but very beautiful cave.
After visiting the cave we stop in a small village where we
can drink coffee in a local "Kafeneion".

Around noon we stop in a small mountain village where we will prepare a BBQ.
We can visit the village while the BBQ is prepared.
Our lunch includes many local products that come from the village itself.
This village has only 12 inhabitants.

After lunch we drive through the beautiful wild landscape to another mountain village,
albeit this time larger.
This village is known for its very beautiful Greek Orthodox church with beautiful frescoes and icons.
The village square is at the very pleasant center of the village, here we have some free time
to drink or walk around.

After this stop, we go downhill with fantastic views !!

With this tour you will stay all day in the mountainous area of ​​Crete with his
picturesque mountain villages.

More we can not tell you, just do it.


Map authentic jeepsafari Crete, by Eye Travel Hersonissos Crete.

Click on the map to get a closer view.

Jeepsafari on Crete

Jeepsafari Chersonissos

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Jeepsafari from Hersonissos to the South of Crete

This tour is heading to the South coast of Crete.
The chance to see the other side of Crete!

Directly when we leave Chersonissos we drive through the green nature of the Aposelemis area.

After some off-road driving along small villages and through overwhelming green nature,
we reach a beautiful very old and small village. Time for coffee!

This village has an astonishing beautiful view over a “green wall” of trees and plants.

We pass a Roman Aqueduct, this is a huge stone wall, at some places even 10 meters high.

jeepsafari tsoutsouros south crete

Over a bridge from the Roman empire, +2000 yrs old.

The touch of the warm South winds will welcome us when we reach the Libyan sea.

jeepsafari tsoutsouros crete

We have lunch in a taverna near the beach.
Swimming in the blue waters.

We continue our trip along the beaches of the Lybian Sea,
until we turn onto mountain tracks heading north again.

Return time to the hotel 17.00 - 18.00 hour.(Depending on the size of the group and weather conditions)


Map jeepsafari South Crete, by  Eye travel Hersonissos

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jeepsafari tsoutsouros south crete with Eye Travel


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Jeep Safari from Rethymnon

This jeep safari takes us through green olive groves towards south-crete.

After an hour we stop at a small village near a typical Cretan tavern, for a coffee.
Further through green hills and valleys towards the Kourtaliotiko gorge,
time for a photo stop.

rethymnon jeepsafari to the south coast of Crete
After about 45 minutes we arrive at the Libyan sea, beautiful views from here.

Lunchtime, while you have chance to take a dip in the deep blue Libyan sea,
the taverna prepares our lunch.

rethymnon jeepsafari to the Lybian sea

This taverna is located next to the beach, fantastic views over the beach
and libyan sea from here.

The food is on us, water is served with the lunch.
Extra drinks you have to order yourself.

The way back is again a mix of off-road through the olive fields, and paved roads.
We drive through a beautiful gorge named Kotsifou Gorge.


rethymnon jeepsafari Kourtaliotiko gorge

The next stop is the last refreshment option, your guide explains about the
local drink Raki .....!

After this stop, we drive you back to your hotel.

map rethymnon jeepsafari, Eye Travel Kreta.

Click on the map to get a closer view.

Don't miss this day!!!

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